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Because we are not able to gather in large groups for educational sessions at our Open House this fall, we went out looking for some good videos that provide useful information to sugarmakers in all areas of production. There are literally hundreds of videos out there; it can actually be a bit overwhelming to try to sort them all out! We can tell you this for sure: the vast majority of youtube videos on making maple syrup give questionable, if not downright faulty, advice.
Most youtube videos are produced by new maple enthusiasts with very little working knowledge of the industry. All those homemade videos may be entertaining, but to find good, factual information, you are safest to go to trusted sources. As such, most of the videos listed below direct you to the UVM Proctor Maple Research Center or Cornell Maple Programs. They have a large variety of short how-to videos (and even some longer recordings of previously held workshops and presentations.) If you have the time, you can find a lot of helpful information on their sites. More importantly, you can trust the information offered from these longstanding maple research facilities. See below for links to the maple research sites.

University of Vermont - Proctor Maple Research YouTube

UVM Proctor Maple Research Center
Tapping is the first step in the sugaring process and often overlooked, even though its importance sets the tone for your whole operation. These have great information on getting the taphole right!
Taphole Staining and Stained Wood
Tapping Maple Trees for High Sap Yield

There are a whole host of videos on tubing setup on the Proctor site. These are two that offer good, basic information on setting up both a tubing and vacuum system.
Modern maple 5/16” Vacuum Tubing Systems
Spout and Dropline Sanitation for High Maple Sap Yields

There’s not a sugarmaker alive who hasn’t been frustrated with their filtering process at one time or another! This is a great overview of filtering the right way.
Filtering Maple Syrup

What is wrong with this picture?
From what is visible, we can see that this producer
has placed at least four buckets on one tree.
We can only assume there are 2-3 more buckets on
the other side, which is too many. At most this
tree should have two taps!

Cornell Maple Instructional Videos

Cornell Maple Program
Here’s a great quick and dirty tutorial on identifying maple trees in winter. That can sure be helpful!
Identifying a Sugar Maple tree

A simple explanation of how monitoring systems work and how they ease your workload in the thick of the season
Remote Tubing Monitoring System

General YouTube videos
A Leader customer discusses setting up his Leader micRO II reverse osmosis machine in his small maple operation  Link

Learn to make pure Maple Cream by hand (WHEW!) from America’s Test Kitchen   Link

Fellow Leader dealer Peter Purinton shows how to make maple cream with the Leader Cream Machine   Link

A great recipe for your sweet tooth, Anna Olson teaches you how to make a Maple Cream Pie   Link

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