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       EVAPORATORS                                                         unique step in the back of the arch acts as a spark trap
                                                                            VORTEX ARCH
                                                                            The VORTEX is Leader’s most efficient wood-fired
                                                                            arch.  The large combustion chamber is fueled by both
                                                                            primary and secondary air, under controlled rotation,
                                                                            to optimize the burn of your wood and distribute BTUs
                                                                           evenly and  efficiently to your evaporator pans.  The
                                                                        and draft control system.  Comes insulated with multiple
                                                                    layers of 2600° ceramic blanket, requiring minimal bricking in the
                                                                  combustion chambers and under the smoke stack.  Fits any style of
                                                                 evaporator pans, sizes  2’ x 10’ and up!

                                                                  “INFERNO” AIR-TIGHT ARCH
                                                                  The Inferno Arch incorporates a fully-insulated, air-tight front with
                                                                  a forced draft system.  It features an air-chambered front with
                                                                  air injectors that create firebox turbulence to insure complete
                                                                  combustion.  The square front gives you more grate space for
                                                                  a larger firing area inside the firebox. Comes complete with
                                                                  specialized forced-draft grates and stack.  A clean out door at the
                                                                  back of the arch can be removed for flue-brushing, when necessary.
                                                                  Like the Traditional Leader Arch, the sides and belly must be
                                                                  lined with fire brick (or brick/insulation combination).
                                                                  Available in sizes from 2’ x 6’ up to 6’ x 16’.

                                                                   TRADITIONAL WOOD-FIRED ARCH
                                                                   Our classic  wood-fired arches feature heavy duty cast iron
                                                                   fronts designed with expansion joints for durability.  Our unique
                                                                   “Double V” grate design is the strongest, warp resistant grate
                                                                   in the industry.  This arch has stainless sides and stack.  Each
                                                                   arch includes twice the evaporator’s length in smoke stack which
                                                                   should be installed in full for proper draft and operation. Ranging
                                                                   in size from 2’ x 6’ to 6’ x 18’, all arches need to be insulated with
                                                                   properly rated brick and/or insulation materials (not included).

                                                                   REPLACEMENTS GRATES - CAST IRON
                                                                   11-0025     25” Leader “Double V” Grate        $70.00
                                                                   11-0025-V   25” Leader Half Grate               60.00
                                                                   11-0030     30” Leader “Double V” Grate        110.00
                                                                   11-0036     36” Leader “Double V” Grate        115.00
                                                                   11-0048     48” Leader “Double V” Grate        175.00
                                                                               Grimm grates also available
                                                                   FIRE BRICK
                                                                   11-0001     Full Fire Brick 4½ x 9 x 2¼         $1.85
                                                                   11-0001-H   Split Fire Brick 4½ x 9 x 1¼         1.80
                                                                   11-0002-A   Heat Stop Refractory Cement    gal./  28.00
                                                                   11-0002-B   Heat Stop Refractory Cement  40 lb./  64.00

                                                                   FIRING GLOVES
                                                                   11-0099     Gloves                            $14.95

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