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                                              Includes Fire Box, Traditional Boiling Pan and Reservoir Pan
                                              15-35 taps | Evaporation rate: 4-6 g.p.h.
                                              Our starter evaporator will handle up to 35 taps in one handy unit.  The 24” x 33” boiling
                                              pan is divided into three sections for continuous flow operation, which makes your boiling
                                              process easier and more efficient!  The reservoir pan holds 5 gallons of sap and  feeds the
                                              boiling pan through a manually controlled valve.  Both pans are high quality, tig-welded
                                              stainless steel. The fire box (arch) is fully enclosed to keep smoke and ash out of your
                                              syrup and increase your fuel efficiency.  It features galvanized sides, a cast iron front (with
                                              firing and draft control doors) and a grate.  Can be shipped FedEx and comes with easy to
                                              follow assembly and operating instructions.

                                              Add optional kits to complete the unit:
                                              BRICK KIT—32 full & 63 split fire bricks, Heat Stop, Ceramic Rail Gasket
                                              STACK KIT—Galvanized 6” Elbow and 6’ Stack
                                              VALVE KIT—2 each 1/2” SS Ball Valves, Nipples and Copper Ells

                                               LEADER SUPREME HALF PINT EVAPORATOR    $1485.00
                                               Includes Fire Box, SUPREME Boiling Pan and Reservoir Pan
                                               25-60 taps | Evaporation rate: 7-9 g.p.h.

                                                            The SUPREME Half Pint boiling pan
          HALF PINT COMPONENTS                              has six micro flues down the middle
          10-0001-A    Half Pint Arch and Grate   $465.00   section of the half pint pan to increase
          10-0001-BR   Bricking Kit for Arch    218.10      surface area and boiling capacity!
          10-0001-ST   Stack Kit for Arch        90.50      Same fire box and reservoir pan as
          42-0036      Dial Thermometer          52.00      the traditional model, but with in-
                                                            creased evaporation rates. Increase
                       (Two Thermometers Recommended)       your boiling power by 50%!
          10-0001-A-E   Arch EXTENSION Only     185.00
          10-0001-E-BR  Extension Bricking Kit   117.10     See optional bricking, stack
                                                            and valve kits, above.
          10-0001-P    Traditional Boiling Pan   $590.00
          10-0001-S    SUPREME Boiling Pan      875.00
          10-0001-V    Valve Kit for Boiling Pan   46.00
          10-0001-R    Reservoir Pan            220.00
          10-0001-FL   Bolt-On Float System     285.00

                                                            LEADER SUPREME EVAPORATOR
                                                            Step up to a Leader 2' x 4' or 2' x 6' Supreme Evaporator to increase
                                                            boiling capacity at an entry level price!  Like the Supreme Half Pint pans,
                                                            these pans feature the 31/2" micro flues running the full length of the pan to
                                                            increase surface area and efficiency.  A reservoir feed pan is included (not
                                                            shown) for feeding sap to the boiling pan through a manual valve.  These
                                                            evaporators also come with Leader's standard wood-fired arch with heavy
                                                            cast iron front, stack collar and grates, plus stainless steel sides and stack
                                                            for maximum longevity.
                                                            2’ x 4’ SUPREME EVAPORATOR   40-90 taps  |  12-14 g.p.h.
                                                            11-0002-C   Complete 2 x 4 Evaporator             $3,040.00
                                                                        Stainless Arch, 2' x 4' SUPREME Pan & Reservoir Pan
                                                            11-0002-S   2' x 4' SUPREME Boiling Pan Only       1,010.00

                                                            2’ x 6’ SUPREME EVAPORATOR   60-125 taps  |  17-21 g.p.h.
                                                            11-0003-C   Complete 2 x 6 Evaporator             $3,555.00
                                                                        Stainless Arch, 2' x 6' SUPREME Pan & Reservoir Pan
                                                             11-0003-S   2' x 6' SUPREME Boiling Pan Only      1,345.00

                                                            10-0001-FL   Bolt-On Float System                   $285.00
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