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                                                Leader Bolt-On Regulating Float System

                                                The new Leader Bolt-On Float System is the perfect upgrade for the small evap-
                                                orator.  As sap boils away, the regulator lets in more sap to keep the level in the pan
                                                consistent throughout the day, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of burning   EVAPORATORS
                                                your pans.  Works in place of the reservoir pan on both the traditional Half Pint pan
                                                and Supreme pan for Half Pint, 2 x 4, and 2 x 6.  Overhead feeder tank is required.

                                                10-0001-FL    Bolt-On Float System      $285.00

     Add the arch extension kit to the traditional half pint arch to double your
     capacity, or more!  Add a second traditional boiling pan to double the
     capacity, or combine a traditional pan with the SUPREME micro flue pan for
     even more efficiency. Requires additional bricks.

     Extended Half Pint Arch with 2 traditional pans   $1,975.00
     30-70 taps | Evaporation rate: 8-10 g.p.h

     Extended Arch with 1 traditional pan | 1 SUPREME pan   $2,260.00
     40-90 taps | Evaporation rate: 12-14 g.p.h

                           DIAL THERMOMETER
                           These handy instruments let you watch the
                           boiling temperature of your syrup at a glance.
                           The dial screws into a ¼” MPT thread near   HALF PINT BTU BOOSTER
                           the draw off to give you a steam free reading.  10-0001-B   Half Pint BTU Booster   290.00

                           42-0036   3” face, 6” stem   $52.00       Increase turbulence in your fire box with this 120 volt
                                                                     blower.  This introduced air will increase your heating
                                                                     temperatures . . . and your evaporation rate!

     This great entry level evaporator is economically priced for beginning sugarmakers.
     The WSE is Leader's smallest, complete 2 pan evaporator.  The pans are tig-
     welded of bright annealed stainless steel.  Includes a 2’ x 2’ syrup pan with
     three continuous flow compartments and a 71/2" drop flue pan featuring Leader's
     automatic sap regulating system. Reverse sap flow by rotating the front pan.
     An optional butterfly valve kit simplifies the reversal process.

     2’ x 4’ WSE Evaporator with Arch           $4,340.00
     Designed for 50-100 taps, 14-17 g.p.h. boiling rate.

     2’ x 6’ WSE Evaporator with Arch           $5,115.00
     Designed for 100-200 taps, 22-26 g.p.h. boiling rate.

                                    Optional Butterfly Valve

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