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EVAPORATOR PANS                                          Cross-Flow Evaporator

       EVAPORATORS                                                 Leader crossflow pans offer the most flexibility in cross-

                                                                   flow technology.  The syrup pans feature U-shaped
                                                                   compartments for strength and flexibility, full-seam welded
                                                                   ends to limit unwanted mixing, and seamless draw-off
                                                                   boxes with bottom outlets for superior draining.  Butterfly
                                                                   connection valves allow for full pan segregation with no
                                                                   need for plugs!  Cross flow pans are available in either
                                                                   standard or reverse flow options in sizes 2x10 to 6x18.

                                                                   Revolution Evaporator
                                                                   The Revolution evaporator is a completely reversible
                                                                   evaporator with syrup draw-off on just one side of the
                                                                   evaporator.  No more hassle switching sides and no costly
                                                                   down time to change pans.  This pan is easily reversed
                                                                   by changing two valves.  The syrup compartments are
                                                                   located near the back of the syrup pan where the heat is
                                                                   greater, allowing for more consistent, smaller batches of
                                                                   syrup. Drawing off from the same side every day allows  for
                                                                   optimum use of space in your sugarhouse and eliminates
                                                                   duplication of costly thermometers and probes.  All these
                                                                   great features can be added to any of our evaporator
                                                                   styles—drop, raised or MAX flue!

                                                                   American Drop Flue Evaporators
                                                                   The American evaporator celebrates the traditional evap-
                                                                   orators built exclusively in the United States for genera-
                                                                   tions!  They feature 7 ½” deep flues and are equipped with
                                                                   the Leader float system, automatically regulating incoming
                                                                   sap levels and allowing the operator to reverse the flow of
                                                                   liquid quickly and easily without slowing down the boil of
                                                                   the evaporator with the change of just two plugs.  The drop
                                                                   flues are easily drained through a drain pipe to the outside
                                                                   of the arch.  Choose the size that’s right for you—from
                                                                   2’ x 6’ for the small producer up to 6’ x 18’.

                                                                   Patriot Raised Flue Evaporators
                                                                   The Patriot reverse flow evaporator has 7 ½” raised flues
                                                                   and features two float regulators—one to regulate incoming
                                                                   cold sap into the flue pan and another to regulate the flow of
                                                                   hot sap from the flue pan into the lower syrup pan. The dual
                                                                   floats allow the ultimate in liquid level control.  The pans
                                                                   come in sizes ranging from 2’ x 6’ up to 6’ x 18’ and can
                                                                   be installed on any of Leader’s arch styles.  And like other
                                                                   Leader evaporators, the Patriot is easily expanded with the
                                                                   addition of a Steam-Away or Reverse Osmosis.

          Leader MAX Evaporator Pans
          Leader MAX flue pans feature a full 11 ½” deep flue, offering
          50% more surface area, translating to higher boiling rates
          (increase of 45-50%) and better fuel usage (increased fuel
          efficiency of 20-25%.) The MAX flue pan can be used on most                        111/2" Flue Height
          existing arches with minor modifications to the flue drain pipe
          location and bricking.  Due to the overwhelming difference in
          surface area, we recommend these pans for use with high
          efficiency wood-fired arches, such as our Inferno or Vortex
          arches, or a high-efficiency gas or oil-fired arch.
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